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♡❁♔♥حلم Blair.21.Los Angeles.Newport Beach.♡❁♔♥حلم
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I want to start writing more
I used to do it so often
I actually find that when I want to write I’m usually in a good place in thought
Which says a lot about the fact that I haven’t been writing
But now that I’m in a better place I need to write more
It helps I guess
Makes me feel so much better
Things aren’t perfect right now not are they ever
My my thought processes are overwhelmingly helpful to myself
Am I finally on the road to happiness?
Am I figuring out how to get myself out of my usual negative ways of thought? Is this just a temporary progression as always?
I’m hoping this is a full turn for the better in myself
Writing could help me hold on to this self
So I must keep writing